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March 31, 2013 • 6:03 PM

Interesting Thing of the Day Turns 10!

Hard to believe, but 10 years ago I started a little site called Interesting Thing of the Day. The site has been on autopilot for a long time, and although I previously had grand plans to resurrect it this weekend with a flurry of publicity and bad puns, that hasn’t happened. In any case, to mark the occasion, I wrote an essay pondering the past and present of the site called Thoughts on the 10-year Anniversary of Interesting Thing of the Day.

  • SteveAttack

    Joe! Hope you are enjoying your tin jubilee. I have certainly enjoyed reading your ITOD entries over the years, and I hope you find a way to keep them going (while making a profit). I also can’t believe I’m the first to post a comment about this.

    Anyway, happy tenth.

    • http://joekissell.com/ Joe Kissell

      Thanks for the kind anniversary wishes!

  • Marty f

    hi ! being curious by nature , I enjoy your site for a few years now , I just can hope you can keep it alive for as long as you have pleasure doing it !! keep up the good quality work man !!

    Marty, Montreal QC

  • SenorPescador

    I love your column and the latest one about Castaneda was very well done and made me relook a technique http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recapitulation_(Castaneda) I read them all in the 70’s 80’s and tried a few of, well alternative practices