I Am Joe’s Blog:

December 2, 2004 • 7:29 PM

Take Control of Mac OS X Backups

I’m happy to report that my fourth ebook, Take Control of Mac OS X Backups, is now shipping.

When I began writing, I fully expected it to be a quick, easy, 50-page book. Many weeks later, I found I had to leave out a fair bit of interesting material just to keep it under 100 pages. But I’m pleased with the result; it’s the only reference of its kind for Mac OS X. My goal was to cut through all the confusion and marketing hype about backup software and hardware, giving readers sane, helpful, and comprehensible advice on how to keep their data safe. If you’re a Mac OS X user, I think you’ll find the book extremely useful—and a bargain, too, at $10.

Although writing Take Control ebooks sometimes requires me to put in long hours and late nights, I find this writing some of the most enjoyable and rewarding work I do. Compared to my other current sources of income, these ebooks generate the best ratio of reward to effort. I’m looking forward to doing several more in 2005, most notably a Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) edition of my Take Control of Upgrading title, which was extremely popular around the time Mac OS X 10.3 Panther was released.