I Am Joe’s Blog:

November 28, 2005 • 9:37 PM

One and a Half New Ebooks

After even more delays and misadventures than usual, I’m happy to report that two of the ebooks I’ve been working on since way back when are now available for sale.

Today, TidBITS released Take Control of Apple Mail in Tiger, a new 184-page, $10 ebook that is now the definitive reference on the version of Mail that ships with Tiger. Although based loosely on last year’s Take Control of Email with Apple Mail (which covered the Panther version of Mail), this new ebook has been completely revamped, and in the process has grown more than 80 pages longer than its predecessor. It covers such new features as Spotlight searching, smart mailboxes, photo management, HTML email, and parental controls. Anyone who has struggled with Mail 2.x should find a great deal of helpful information in this ebook.

In addition, there’s a minor (free) update available to Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail, now at version 1.2. It covers a few spam-related changes in the Tiger version of Mail, plus the newest versions of several third-party anti-spam utilities.

With luck, we’ll see a major update to Take Control of Mac OS X Backups in the next week or so, followed by the long-awaited Take Control of .Mac. And don’t forget: ebooks make terrific holiday gifts!