I Am Joe’s Blog:

December 9, 2005 • 11:06 PM

Of Backups and Updates

Today saw the release of Take Control of Mac OS X Backups version 1.2, exactly 53 weeks after the initial version was published. My, how time flies. This ebook had been growing increasingly outdated as more and more backup programs received major updates—particularly Apple’s Backup 3. Now it’s once again completely current, and I’ve expanded it significantly to cover photo and video backups, as well as adding 20-odd pages of details on using Retrospect (whch has a notoriously unintuitive interface). Still $10, or free to those who purchased any previous version.

I also decided it was finally time to get a new graphic for the header of this blog, and make a few other little stylistic corrections. The CSS is now 15% less ugly than before, and though it still has plenty of room to improve, I can at least look at it without cringing now.