I Am Joe’s Blog:

January 10, 2006 • 10:42 AM

New .Mac Features

While watching live coverage of the Steve Jobs keynote, I made a tally of announcements that involve .Mac in some way and will therefore require updates to Take Control of .Mac. The new version, which I will begin working on today and which will be released as quickly as we can possibly manage, will cover the following, all of which involve iLife ’06:

  • Photocasting in iPhoto 6, including subscribing via RSS
  • GarageBand: publishing podcasts to .Mac
  • iWeb: publishing sites, media, and blogs to .Mac

UPDATE: Still more new things I’ve since discovered are:

  • An official .Mac blog from Apple
  • Direct browser access to your iDisk
  • Video podcasting support in iMovie
  • Group slideshows

I should be getting my boxed copy of iLife ’06 this afternoon, and I have a meeting with an Apple rep on Friday to cover all the new stuff. So with any luck, I’ll get the writing part of the update done by next week, with the edited version to be delivered soon thereafter.