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February 8, 2006 • 5:55 PM

Everything (Else) You Ever Wanted to Know About .Mac


.Mac members, today is your lucky day! Less than a month after Apple rolled out all sorts of new features at Macworld Expo, TidBITS Electronic Publishing is now shipping version 1.1 of my ebook Take Control of .Mac. It’s now 204 pages long, and contains everything you ever wanted to know about .Mac, and probably a lot of things you never realized you wanted to know. In particular, this new version adds information on:

  • Publishing Web sites with iWeb
  • Creating podcasts with GarageBand
  • Creating video podcasts with iMovie HD
  • Photocasting with iPhoto
  • iDisk browser access
  • New options for allocating disk space among mail, groups, and iDisk
  • New, high-capacity storage and data transfer upgrades
  • Improvements to .Mac groups, including group slideshows, browser-based group iDisk access, and interface changes
  • …and oodles of other new things

The ebook, which comes with free updates, costs a mere $15. As usual, you can download a free 31-page sample.

And that’s not all!

Apple is offering a much longer excerpt—two full chapters, totaling 67 pages—to all .Mac members as the February Member Benefit. This excerpt covers .Mac Mail and groups; you can download it from the .Mac site, and it also appears on your iDisk in Software/Members Only.

But wait, there’s more!

For a limited time, .Mac members also get 30% off the full version of the ebook…


30% off every other Take Control ebook too!

MacVoices PromoSo we think this is a pretty sweet deal. You can hear me talk about the ebook with Chuck Joiner in this MacVoices podcast.

Coming next month: Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac. It’s already written and in editing; I think it’s going to be the Next Big Thing.