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October 17, 2006 • 8:58 AM

Peachpit releases Real World Mac Maintenance and Backups

Real World Mac Maintenance and Backups coverMy latest print book, Real World Mac Maintenance and Backups, is finally shipping from Peachpit. This book is based on two of my more popular Take Control ebooks (Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac and Take Control of Mac OS X Backups), though we made a number of changes and adaptations in the course of preparing the book for print. I’m delighted for the book to be part of Peachpit’s successful and highly regarded Real World series, and I have high hopes that it will enjoy a long and happy shelf life (Leopard and Time Machine notwithstanding). Although particular maintenance utilities or backup programs may come and go, the basic advice I offer for keeping your Mac running smoothly should be perfectly valid years from now.