I Am Joe’s Blog:

November 8, 2004 • 7:54 PM

Pictures of Zora

Just yesterday I was telling Morgen that we might want to consider investing in a new digital camera for our trip to Patagonia. The one we have now is about five years old, which must be 35 in computer years. One of the things that has improved on many of the newer models is shutter lag—the delay between when you press the button and when the picture is actually snapped. Our current camera is pretty bad in that regard, making it all but useless for capturing action shots, such as a kitten jumping at a toy. As a result, most of the pictures I’ve taken of Zora that actually manage to get her face in the frame show her napping, about to nap, or just having awoken from a nap. But I’ve put a few fairly good images here: pictures of Zora. A sample:

Zora, ~4 months old