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June 20, 2006 • 9:47 AM

A Plethora of Carnivals

Although I’m usually on top of the latest trends in the online world, for some reason, the notion of blog carnivals completely escaped my notice until a couple of months ago. A blog carnival is basically a single blog posting containing annotated links to other posts on a certain theme or topic. Carnivals on particular subjects tend to recur every week or two, and bloggers take turns hosting the carnivals. For example, if I’ve got a blog about writing implements, I might volunteer to host the Carnival of Fountain Pens one week. That means anyone who’s got an interesting post about fountain pens can send it to me that week; I’ll review all the submissions and, on the designated day, post a list of the best and most interesting ones. Then, the following week, another blogger (who, perhaps, focuses on calligraphy) does the same thing—with his or her own perspective on what’s most interesting.

Blog carnivals give valuable exposure both to the individual contributors and to the host, especially when the carnival is on a hot topic. There are hundreds of ongoing carnivals, ranging from the very serious (Carnival of Hurricane Relief) to the banal (Carnival of Drinking), along with everything in between. As long as you’ve got a post that’s genuinely relevant to a carnival’s topic or theme, it’s relatively easy to get yourself mentioned, and every additional link is valuable both for the traffic it generates directly and its positive influence on search engine rankings.

So I’ve been submitting Interesting Thing of the Day articles to a bunch of carnivals, and I’ve been very pleased with the results. Here’s a sampling of mentions that have appeared so far (last updated on July 1, 2006):

(This list is continued in Blog Carnivals, Round Two.)