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September 2nd, 2018

essentialApple Podcast

New publicity: I joined Simon Parnell and Nick Riley on the essentialApple Podcast on September 2, 2018 to discuss Take Control Books.

March 5th, 2018

TMO Background Mode

New publicity: John Martellaro interviewed me on The Mac Observer’s Background Mode Podcast (March 5, 2018).

September 1st, 2015

Central Valley Buzz

New publicity: While on a trip to Fresno to speak to the Fresno Mac-Apple Users Group, I stopped by KAIL-TV for an interview on the Central Valley Buzz show. Regular host Chuck Leonard was out for the day; Mike Briggs filled in for him. Hey, my first time on live TV! It was fun.

April 22nd, 2015

Macworld Podcast 452: Photos for OS X and iCloud Photo Library

New publicity: I was a guest on Macworld Podcast 452 with Glenn Fleishman, Susie Ochs, and Jeff Carlson to discuss Photos for OS X and iCloud Photo Library (April 22, 2015)