I Am Joe’s Blog:

August 9, 2006 • 2:09 AM

SenseList Launches

For about a year, Morgen and I have been planning to launch several new Web sites to keep Interesting Thing of the Day company. It’s not like we’ve been working on them full-time for months or anything, but we’ve been plugging away as time permits, in between roasting turkeys, writing ebooks, and doing all the usual work that keeps us occupied most of the day. Today, we finally crossed that magical threshold of doneness with the first of these sites, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s called SenseList.

Both of us are compulsive list makers, and we’ve certainly noticed the popularity of some blog entries presented in the form of a list. Hey, who doesn’t love a good list? So we decided to come up with a blog consisting entirely of lists—but not just any lists. We were looking for a certain gestalt, a mixture of the trivial and the profound, the whimsical and the useful. Lists that make sense.

Many of the lists we’ll be presenting reflect random observations we’ve made, such as “Gosh, there seem to be a lot of B-52’s songs with outer space references,” or “Every cookbook I consult gives completely different instructions for hard-boiling eggs,” or “These IKEA product names remind me of ___,” or “I’ll bet I can think of half a dozen actresses that would have made a better Lois Lane in Superman Returns than Kate Bosworth.” So we’ve actually done the research and spelled out all these factoids, and many more, in convenient list form.

One of our goals for SenseList, having learned from experience, was to be able to come up with good entries a lot more quickly than writing Interesting Thing of the Day articles. We’re not telling stories or providing a detailed reference, just getting to the point quickly and succinctly. We hope the lists will be easy to read and fun to share.

Please click on over to SenseList and have a look. Assuming we get done with our other homework, we have (at least) three more sites that should appear in the coming weeks. And then: a little vacation, I think.